Ancient craft
Chainmaille, chainmail, chain mail - however you spell it, this is an intriguing craft! With some weaves dating back to Viking times and even older, this is truly a tried and tested way of making links and chains.
Modern art
Based in sunny Brighton, UK, Destai takes this intricate form of weaving together rings and turns it into high quality art. With the mainstays in my range being jewellery and accessories, I have something for everyone. From beautiful, delicate and feminine pieces to hard-hitting punk rock and metal accessories - have a browse of my Gallery or Shop and I'm sure you'll find something you like.
Love this piece, being able to specify the colours and size I wanted was really useful and the chainmaille is much lighter than I expected so it is really wearable.
-Glen N

The product was exactly as described, and well worth the price. Even shipping was quickly handled with an order of multiple products.
-Sean R

While the chainmail was impressive and more than I'd hoped for, what I really loved were the bracelets I got for my daughter. They were made exactly to the size needed and are high enough quality to stand up to the daily wear of a hyperactive four year old.
-Trista W