30 Day Challenge

So I signed up for a 30 Day Challenge.

I know, right? Me? Consistent for 30 days? Excuse me while I go get another cup of Coffee…

Ok, I’m back. So this particular 30 Day Challenge is sponsored by Coaching for Geeks and it’s all about levelling up one, just one, stat.

(This may make little sense if you’re not a geek.)

The basic premise is that participants take an outside view of themselves and select one area of their life that they want to improve. Put into a gaming context, this area becomes a “stat”. They will then try to improve this stat and “level up”, i.e. improve that area of their life to a significant degree.

I have chosen Wealth. (Yes, I’m materialistic like that.)

This one goes out to my friend Ørjan.

In practice, this means putting my business first for 30 days running. (Phew!)

Other people have chosen things like Health, Intelligence, Performance, etc. If you want to join in (although it’s now too late to sign up – sorry!) with the fun then join us in the Facebook group and help encourage us all as we try to beat bosses and level up our lives!

Oh yeah, and buy stuff from me to help level up my life. 😉 As always, you can go to my Etsy shop or send me an email for custom order.s.


So this is my website and I write about my stuff, primarily. And so it shall continue to be! But I also wanted to give a shout out to my sister in crime, who also makes chainmaille! Where I make Viking Metal, she makes the colourful stuff, the beaded stuff and so on.

For comparison:

Viking Metal!
Luna’s Links

Yup, she’s called Luna’s Links (professionally anyway), named after the most awesome Moon Faery in the world.

She continues to inspire, encourage and prop me up when I’m having bad days. My Trista is easily my best friend, my sister, the one person I can always rely on. *sappy* And she makes chainmaille, did I mention that part??!

Go, give her shop a look. And then when you’re done looking at her amazing stuff, look at my amazing stuff too. 😉 You can find me, as always, under Destai Designs.