New website and annoying cat

First things first: I updated my website! It’s all new and shiny. Still purple, but with different/more content and looking much better than it used to. Go, have a look, I’ll wait.

I spent entirely too long getting it together, but I think it’s done now. If you find any broken links, weird text or other bugs, do let me know though.

In other news, I finished a custom order this week. It was a small, blue dragonscale cuff, for my friend. I like doing custom orders, but I’m always slightly worried it won’t turn out the way people want it. I’ve apparently been doing well so far though. Let’s hope it continues that way.

Blue dragonscale cuff.

It's blue! Yay!

I’m currently eyeing a few sales that are going on. My favourite bead shop has a special offer on this weekend, my favourite chainmaille shop has a sale lasting until stocks are depleted and a handmade/upcycling clothing shop with the most amazing things ever has a sale that I really want to get something from.

Yes, I’m a bit of a shopaholic at times. Or retail therapy user. Yes. Retail therapy. I prefer that.

I would give you links, but I can’t risk someone snatching away what I want before my eyes. 😉 Ask in the comments and I shall provide if anyone is interested.

This morning my cat has been completely out of control. She got it in her little head that my partner’s desk must be emptied. All things must go on the floor. And since said partner is at work, it’s up to me to stop the little beast. I don’t know how many times I’ve yelled “Kitty!” in the general direction of the desk, only for her to completely ignore me until I get up from the chair. Maybe she’s trying to give me some exercise. I’m not pleased.

Cat looking at the camera from behind a shelf.

"What? Can't you see I'm busy?"

She seems to have calmed a bit now, though. And done a disappearance act. Which means she’s either sleeping on our bed or wreaking havoc elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll hear a big crash!-bang! soon enough. In the meantime I suppose I’ll try to do something useful, like making jewellery! I need to stock up for the craft fairs I’m hoping to do, after all.

Web hosting and chainmaille

I found out today that I had some trouble with my webhosting. I won’t go into details because I feel like it may be a rookie mistake and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Suffice to say I spent much time being rather frustrated.

Now, I’m a geek through and through. And I’m stubborn as all… well. I write my own HTML and CSS rather than use any kind of editor, because I like the control it gives me, because I like learning and because I’m too stubborn to use software to do something I can type out on my own. So not being able to fix something web based was… frustrating. Very, very frustrating.

Angry looking cat

I may have been growling.

Eventually I gave up and emailed Customer Support. We’ll see what they say.

The rest of the day so far has been spent making chainmaille. New chain, new thingie up in my shop (link in top menu), pleased Victoria. I have a fair few Valentine’s products now. Perhaps I should start thinking about colourful spring type things from now on.

I’m also having Skyrim cravings. Teh boyfriend plays it constantly and I can hear it from my desks. I may have logged over X hundred hours in the game, but I think I could eek another Y hundred out of it. I may take some time off from the internet and jewellery to play some sweet, addictive, Tamriel based “crack” later.

For now, I think I need more Coffee. And some hugs from the cat.

All excited!

I got my Rainbow Hematite! It’s so rainbow-y! I immediately made something and put it up in my shop. Valentine’s bracelet, yay! It’s a thin chainmaille chain with rainbow hematite and goldstone hearts as charms. Go, have a look! I’ll wait!

Did you see it? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Here’s a close-up of the hematite, which is really, really hard to do justice in photographs.

Close-up of green rainbow hematite


Of course, right after I’d received that order the same shop goes and restocks the craft wire I use. Which they were out of. Which I needed. So I had to make another order.

Big pile of craft wire

I may have gone overboard.

I plan to make many rings. And many wire wrapped things. Quite what things are yet to be determined. Probably more hearts for a start.

I went to a local Etsy meet on Wednesday evening, which was great but overwhelming. I ended up ill for the next two days as a result. I consider it to have been worth it, though. Shout out to new friends, yay! I don’t even remember everyone’s name, but I’m hoping to see them all again next time. I have my sociable moments.

This morning I got one of my weekly emails from Pinterest and I was inspired to make this:

Necklace with Jasper bead charms


The beads are Jasper, or at least I think the rectangular ones are. The round ones definitely are. So that’s now also up on Etsy.

I’ve really fallen in love with Jasper. I have about four different kinds in my bead box now, and they’re all amazing. I don’t really have a favourite semi-precious stone, but various kinds of jasper definitely reach my top five. (Other top fives would probably include smoky quarts, moonstone, lapis lazuli and about three others I can’t think of right now. I’m not a stickler for mathematics.)

Sunday Update

I intend to do a weekly roundup of what’s been going on in the House of Sol every Sunday – do keep me to it.

This week I’ve been mostly thinking about Valentine’s Day. You know, that day that everyone seems to either love or hate, strangely divided along the lines of who’s in a relationship or not. You can’t get away from it, so I figured I’d throw myself into the hype with everything I’ve got!

What can one offer for Valentine’s? Brainstorming time. Hearts. Love stuff. Pretty things. Affordable things, definitely. Not everyone can spend the world. I came up with a few designs which I hope other people will find as interesting as I do. (I’m obviously my own biggest fan.)

Wire wrapped glass heart

Heart pendant. Because hearts.

So I decided to do a spot of wire wrapping. Which seemed to go well. Then I decided to do some chainmaille, which also went well.

Chainmaille bracelet with dove carrying a letter

Love letters for everyone!

And now I’m really just hoping other people will take notice and perhaps throw some money my way. I have beads to purchase, don’t you know.

I also went shopping again. I found the most beautiful thing called rainbow hematite and I needed it. Badly. So that’s coming in the post some time soon. And it will be glorious. I haven’t decided quite what to do with it yet, but it’s guaranteed to be amazing just because the beads are amazing.

In other news, my cat has become a tea drinker.

Cat with her head stuck down a tea mug

Yum yum.

We’ll have to stop leaving our mugs around.


Excellent, excellent. It’s all going to plan.

Blog is up, website is still missing a link to it, but this will happen soon. Soon, I tell you.

So, me. I’m Victoria. I’m mildly eccentric and a big fan of the three Cs: Crafts, Cats and Coffee. In fact my life mostly revolves around them in some way or another. I write a Coffee blog which shall remain separate and unmentioned for now, which I suppose makes me some sort of expert. I have a cat, a stubborn little creature who’s too violent for her own good. And I of course make jewellery. For a living, even.

This is me (sort of):

Me. Sort of.

As mentioned, I have a cat:

Quantum Kitty

As not mentioned, I have a boyfriend as well.

My boyfriend. Sort of.

And now you have a pretty good idea of the person behind the name. Let’s see if I can keep the blog interesting and/or it will end up like the nonsense that is my Twitter.