New Year – New Beginnings

It’s 2015! The year of Back to the Future. If you’re my age, you will know what I’m talking about. This is the year of hoverboards and self-fitting jackets. I can only hope they will both be available before October, or I’ll be disappointed that TV lied to me!

So on to new and better things. That’s what one does at the beginning of a new year, right?

Coffee cup

I started my year with Coffee.

My new projects will mostly involve beads. I took advantage of the Christmas sales and spent *mumblemumble* in three different bead shops. Semi-precious, wood, seed beads, you name it.

“But Victoria,” I hear you say, “what happened to chainmaille?” Well, I’m not exactly going to stop chaining things together. I’d just like to diversify a bit. Incorporate beads into my ringed creations. Play with teeny tiny things to make patterns. You know how I love patterns.

Bead pile

Besides, who could resist this pile of beads?!

But don’t worry. The chainmaille isn’t going anywhere. I made a whole ton (metaphorically speaking) of bracelets, pendants, general stuff out of various sizes of rings in the months leading up to Christmas. Some of which are amazing, if I have to say so myself.

Rainbow flower pendants

See? Amazing.

So new things are coming. New beginnings are happening. Stay tuned for more, and for a change you may actually see things being updated on this page! I have a sort-of-resolution this New Years that I shall take up blogging properly again. I shall aim for at least once a month, perhaps fortnightly. And if I decide that’s not enough, I’ll go up to weekly. Imagine that! Weekly posts! (That probably won’t happen.)

In conclusion, though, I would like to wish all my friends, family, relatives, fans and anyone else who happens upon this post a Very Happy New Year! Make the best of it. 🙂