Survival Without the Internet

I lost my internet connection today. When I got out of bed and went to the computer, I couldn’t connect to anything. Here follows a log I wrote to keep my sanity while cut off from the world.

Hour 1 without Internet

I feel vaguely lost, is if a part of me is gone. I can’t check Facebook. I can’t go on Etsy. I can’t even watch Netflix! The latter realisation hit me hard. That was my backup plan. I suppose I’ll have to resort to… dee-vee-dees. I vaguely remember the concept of these things. We’ll see if I can figure out how to use them.

My boyfriend is almost as confused as I am. He told me the oven doesn’t require the internet, so he can still cook something. I remain unconvinced.

Addendum: I can’t even check my ***** email!!!!!

Hour 2 without Internet

I have put my laptop to sleep, finally. I kept it on, just in case, but I fear the Internet will take its time coming back to me. Oh, Internet. Why did I not appreciate you more when I had access?

The boyfriend is trying to make the home network come to life, so we can watch videos from his computer on the TV. The desperation in his voice is clear. Something must stream! Unfortunately his computer is laughing at us both and refusing to transmit the right files. I feel like all technology has turned against us. It makes me fearful.

Addendum: The oven is spreading smoke all over the kitchen. I told him it wouldn’t work without the Internet.

Hour 3 without Internet

The Kitty has come to me, complaining that her wi-fi is down. She must have used up her 3G data allowance. She will not accept that I cannot help her. The entire household is falling apart.

I am watching Captain America. They have an Internet connection. That’s so unfair.

Hour 4 without Internet

I have resorted to the ancient technology of dee-vee-dees. Good thing I’ve kept these things around. Score one for the hoarding tendencies!

Hour 5

The Internet is back! Praise Jove, Zeus, Odin and all the others! If there is a god of technology, I shall build a shrine to her.

Geekery + Chainmaille = Yay!

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to most of you that I’m the geeky sort. I own an Xbox 360, I watch sci-fi shows, and board games are one of my favourite things to do in the evening. I suppose you could call my chainmaille another geeky pursuit, but that one depends on your point of view.

So far I’ve been using maille to make jewellery almost exclusively. There are some keyrings as well, so I include “accessories” in my descriptions of my business, but in general it’s been wearable art. Now, for the first time, I’ve tried something a bit different.

I’ve started to make chainmaille pouches.

It's green!

It’s green!

“A chainmaille pouch,” I can hear you say, “What’s that good for?” Well, what would you use a pouch in general for? One of the primary uses, out there, is as a dice bag. (Are you starting to see why I introduced this with some geekery?) Lots of tabletop gamers carry a collection of dice around. If you’re a role playing gamer, you might need a few different kinds of dice. If you’re a tabletop wargamer, you might just need a whole bunch of D6s. And if you’re not a tabletop gamer, you might have no idea what I’m talking about!

This one took a very long time to make.

This one took a very long time to make.

Not to worry. Pouches can be used for so much else. You could use it as an unusual coin purse. You could use it as a make-up bag. You could carry around semi-precious tumble stones. Or anything else that takes your fancy.

Making these pouches has been a nice break for me. I’m not bored with jewellery by any stretch, but it’s always interesting to expand my skills!


You wouldn't believe how tiny this thing is!

You wouldn’t believe how tiny this thing is!

Now I just need to get this obsession with making them out of my system, and then maybe there will be more new ideas. 🙂

For the moment I only make these as custom orders, although I’m sure some will appear in my shop eventually. If you want one before then, just email me at and I can make one to your specifications!

Busy morning

I’ve been seriously slacking lately. Like, seriously. I’ve been crafting like normal, but all my admin, social media, blog duties and other stuff less interesting than chainmaille have been seriously suffering.

So! This morning I have done things properly. I’ve written blog posts all over the place (you think this is the only place I post?…), I’ve taken part in a Twitter hour, I’ve been posting and adding and sharing on social media. And I made a video!

If you ever wondered how exactly to make chainmaille, take a look at this. It’s only one specific weave in one specific ring size, but you get an idea. I’ll be making more, sooner or later, so if you’re curious please do keep checking back. 🙂

Maybe next time I post, I’ll put more into writing than into the video… 🙂