Exciting Times and Small Offer

To say I have a lot on at the moment is a bit of an understatement. Between life, love, cats and Coffee, I barely have time for crafting right now!

I’m preparing to move house, which is why my social media presence has been a bit spotty lately. My living room at the moment is a mess of boxes, bags, drawers sitting on top of their houses, papers, books and all kinds of other bits and pieces! Still, no reason to let that disrupt business as usual, right?!

In more exciting news, Etsy has a new look coming! If you’re already on Etsy, you’ll probably have heard about this. (And if you haven’t, are you not reading your emails??) There will be a new store front, and pictures will be more important than ever. Including a cover image, which will span the top third of your computer screen when you view your shop, all the way across, and will be the first thing customers see!

Daunting, no?

I have a small, secret offer on, though. (All my offers seem to be secret lately, hmm…) I figure with so many Etsy sellers who have trouble making stuff in PhotoShop (or GIMP, or Canva, or…), I should offer my amateur services to the community. 😀

So, with every order of £25 or above (before postage, after discounts), you can request a full size cover image through a convo (with the same account you used for the purchase). By full size, I mean the full 3360×840 in 72dpi, i.e. screen resolution at full size.

If you want more than one cover image, or one that can change with the seasons, send me a convo and we’ll discuss the fee (order size).

Note that a logo is not included in this offer, so if you don’t already have one you want to use, I’ll put your shop name in one of the premade fonts I have available.

This is a great way to get both a new look for your shop and a gift for yourself or others at the same time!

Members of the Craft Britannia or Brighton Etsy teams get first dibs, so if you’re in one of those, make note of that in the convo. 🙂

What Do You Think You’re Doing, Victoria?!

So I desperately need rings. DESPERATELY. Rings, rings, rings. I need to buy them right now.

Ok, so secretly I’m (shh!) planning on going to one of my best friends’ wedding. She’s across the Pond (no, not Amy, don’t be silly. The Big Pond, the… fine. The Atlantic Ocean), and I have procured a barge and everything!

I wasn’t originally going to go, airfare is really expensive after all, but then I heard there will be tacos at the reception! Who can resist tacos, am I right??

However, now I’m thinking… what if someone sees me? I’m not supposed to be on another continent! Even for a wedding! So I need hush money, and quick.

This is where you come in.

I have shared this with you, yeah, just you, so that you can help me out. I don’t need much, most people are falling for my “I need rings” excuse, but you know the truth. You know that a wedding featuring a battle and a TARDIS cannot be ignored. (And the tacos. Don’t forget the tacos!)

Just for you, I have set up a massive discount code in my shop. So I’m not even asking for free money, see? I’m giving back to the community!!!

You can use the code SHHHH (that’s four Hs) at checkout in my Etsy shop to get 20% off! And you only have to spend £15 to qualify!

Quick! I can feel them coming… they might see this blog post… hurry!!!