Holiday in Norway

I’ve spent the past three weeks in Norway, and now that I’m leaving in a day and a half (early, early Saturday morning) I figured I’d gather some thoughts.

I spent Christmas here along with my mum and two brothers. I won’t post pictures of them because I don’t think they want the fame and fortune (fame, anyway), so you’ll just have to imagine a family of four that look somewhat similar to each other. 🙂

Also cat.

Silke the Cat

This little beast.

The resident cat is named Silke (which means silk, because she’s so soft) and she’s a black, furry little thing with quite the personality. She’s as stubborn as any other cat I’ve met but also very, very cuddly and utterly destructive.

So yeah. We’ve had a few run-ins, me and the cat. But she sleeps in my bed at night, so I suppose it’s ok.

Christmas Tree

I don’t think this is the tree from this year and I don’t know why I have an old picture of our Christmas tree in my folder on the laptop, but there we are. That’s roughly what that corner of the living room looked like. Until we demolished all the presents, mwahahahaha*cough*haha!! *ahem*

The view here is spectacular. I grew up in this very house and lived here until I was 20, so to me it’s perfectly normal. But everyone else oohs and aahs over it, so I figured I’d include a picture.

View from Fardal

“Ooh! Aah!”

So that’s been my holiday. Well, the highlights anyway. I haven’t taken many pictures so this is what you get. 🙂 There are a couple more on Instagram, but I’ve been unforgivably lax with the camera for the last long while so don’t expect too much..!


So apparently an entire year has passed again. What have I been up to? I don’t even remember! Karli from Designosaur suggested I look through my phone pictures, but I take entirely too few pictures to be able to rely on that!

I’ve spent a lot of time with my cat…


And my boyfriend, but he likes to pretend he doesn’t exist so I don’t get to take pictures of him.

I got an engraver which I played around with a lot and I have properly started metal stamping, which means that metal stamped stuff will even show up in my Etsy shop soon!

IMG_2149 IMG_2204

Ph34r my safety goggles! ;)

Ph34r my safety goggles! 😉

I’ve also made a bunch of new stuff through the year, but I think the thing I’m the most proud of is my Life Pendant.


This pendant is available in my shop and I’ll be publishing a tutorial for how to make it and also sell kits with the rings needed very soon!

And then some more cat, because cat.


I drank a lot of Coffee…


I took part in two awesome Christmas markets – The Fairy Tale Fair and the Etsy Made Local Brighton Market! Here is a picture from The Fairy Tale Fair:

The Fairy Tale Fair, Brighton. Photo taken by

The Fairy Tale Fair, Brighton.
Photo taken by

I finally got some big girl chainmaille pliers! I’ve been using less specialised ones up until now, but my amazing friend gave me these for Christmas! 😀


And all the way through the year I have had so much support from Craft Britannia and the Brighton Etsy Team! You are all the BEST! Yay! 😀

New and exciting stuff awaits in 2016, there will be more, more, MORE new things, exciting things, fabulous things, metal things, awesome things and other things!!!


“So how long does it take you…”

One question I get a lot as a chainmailler is “So how long does it take you to make a bracelet?” When I tell people, they tend to go wide-eyed. Some people are under the impression that I buy the maille in sheets and only roll it up and hook it together. Nooo. This is all made from individual rings. I would say I slave over my workbench, but truth is I love doing it and it never actually feels like work. Having said that, though, I’ve spent practically the entire day on one bracelet which is still not finished, so my brain went a little weird…


This is how far I got Tuesday.

So naturally I’ve been posting my progress on Instagram. (Follow me! 😀 ) And answering questions. Like “How long did it take you…?”


This one has so far taken me two albums by Poets of the Fall, one by Saint[the]Sinner, two Sugarcult ones, a Trust Company one and I’m on the second by Vampire Weekend. And there was a mixed playlist in there somewhere as well. And counting. So we’ll see!!!

(I took half an album’s break after typing that. So I guess the second Vampire Weekend one doesn’t fully count.)

I was going to schedule this post for tomorrow (Thursday), but my brain is so tired I can’t figure out verb tenses and day sequences, so you’re getting it Wednesday evening instead. Yay!

Have some more pictures of the process while I’m at it. As of posting, the last picture is up to date. 🙂

A little chainmaille game!

As some of you know, I’m fairly active in one of the biggest chainmaille groups on Facebook. A few days ago, I decided to make a little game for us obsessive maillers to play – all in good fun and to laugh at ourselves and our weird habits.

The game is simply a list of common things for a chainmailler to experience, with various points values attached. I haven’t balanced it out to hit a round number, and the number of list items is 37 in the end, but for those of you who have some knowledge of maille, or even jewellery making in general, this will probably sound very, very (very!) familiar.

So without further ado – on to the points gathering!

Got Maille?

1. Dreams about maille – 5pts
2. Sleep walked to your work station – 10pts
3. Slammed pliers down in anger – 5pts
4. Thrown pliers or half finished projects – 10pts
5. Made rings fly – 1pt
6. Made half finished projects fly (without throwing them!) – 10pts
7. Knows five weaves without looking at the tutorial – 5pts
8. Knows 20 weaves without a tut – 20pts
9. Knows weaves whose name you can’t even remember! – 25pts
10. Has five unfinished projects on the go – 5pts
11. Has 20 unfinished projects on the go – 10 pts
12. Has 5+ bags/boxes/bowls of unfinished projects – 50pts
13. Found rings on the floor – 5pts
14. Found rings on the pet – 15pts
15. Found rings in the shower / toaster / cup of Coffee / other insane place – 20pts
16. Has a mailling specific music or video playlist – 5pts
17. Played a spot-the-chainmaille drinking game – 10pts
18. Made armour – 10pts
19. …For a soft toy – 20pts
20. …For a pet – 25pts
21. Made your own picture/banner out of maille – 20pts
22. Has war wounds / scars / permanent injuries from mailling – 10pts
23. Makes own rings – 15pts
24. Has a pliers collection bigger than the cutlery drawer – 25pts
25. Has a bigger supply of rings than food at any given time – 15pts
26. Can use more than two pairs of pliers at the same time (juggling included) – 50pts
27. Poked self in the face/nose/eyes with pliers – -5pts
28. Makes Freudian slips with maille jargon – 15pts
29. Named pet after chainmaille (weave, jargon, etc) – 25pts
30. Named kid after chainmaille – 100pts
31. Considers two hours of sleep to be perfectly acceptable in exchange for 12 hours’ mailling time – 1pt
32. Can identify wire gauge on sight – 15pts
33. Has worn out more than five pairs of pliers – 20pts
34. …In one year – 50pts
35. Drinks more cold Coffee/tea/”hot” drinks than fresh ones due to maille – 10pts
36. Can make at least one weave blindfolded – 25pts
37. Can make five or more weaves blindfolded – 50pts

So what’s your score? Tell me in the comments. 🙂