Yeah, so I was going to write a blog post, but then the postie came by and gave me a package of dice. Dice!!! Yay!!! I’ve not been waiting that long for them, but the anticipation was massive nonetheless. And now I must immediately make stuff, so, er, see you next week? 🙂



All excited!

I got my Rainbow Hematite! It’s so rainbow-y! I immediately made something and put it up in my shop. Valentine’s bracelet, yay! It’s a thin chainmaille chain with rainbow hematite and goldstone hearts as charms. Go, have a look! I’ll wait!

Did you see it? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Here’s a close-up of the hematite, which is really, really hard to do justice in photographs.

Close-up of green rainbow hematite


Of course, right after I’d received that order the same shop goes and restocks the craft wire I use. Which they were out of. Which I needed. So I had to make another order.

Big pile of craft wire

I may have gone overboard.

I plan to make many rings. And many wire wrapped things. Quite what things are yet to be determined. Probably more hearts for a start.

I went to a local Etsy meet on Wednesday evening, which was great but overwhelming. I ended up ill for the next two days as a result. I consider it to have been worth it, though. Shout out to new friends, yay! I don’t even remember everyone’s name, but I’m hoping to see them all again next time. I have my sociable moments.

This morning I got one of my weekly emails from Pinterest and I was inspired to make this:

Necklace with Jasper bead charms


The beads are Jasper, or at least I think the rectangular ones are. The round ones definitely are. So that’s now also up on Etsy.

I’ve really fallen in love with Jasper. I have about four different kinds in my bead box now, and they’re all amazing. I don’t really have a favourite semi-precious stone, but various kinds of jasper definitely reach my top five. (Other top fives would probably include smoky quarts, moonstone, lapis lazuli and about three others I can’t think of right now. I’m not a stickler for mathematics.)