Pride Season Is Upon Us!

If you hadn’t guessed by the amount of rainbow and other Pride things I make, Victoria Sol Jewellery is a big supporter of LGBTQ rights. (LGBTQ, you ask? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer, it stands for. I’m hoping the inclusion of the Q will encompass everyone else who fits under the umbrella. I don’t like leaving people out!)

I’m going to refrain from going all political on you (although you know I want to), and just celebrate in the spirit of Pride instead. Pride parades and parties around the world are so important. It makes us visible. It shows that being gay, bi, trans or otherwise queer is a normal thing and that we deserve acceptance the same as everyone else.

And now the season starts! Summer is a great time for Pride. Sun, warmth, lots of skin for those who like that… 😉

I looked up a few important dates for you, because everyone should be aware of these events. Pride parades around the country!
London – 27 June
Brighton – 1 August
Manchester – 29 August

And if you live anywhere else in the UK, start here to find local Pride events:

Oh yeah, and since this is a business blog after all, you can find lots of LGBT Pride Goodies in my shop – rainbows and other Pride colours all together in one big section. 🙂

Are you celebrating Pride this year?