Exciting Times and Small Offer

To say I have a lot on at the moment is a bit of an understatement. Between life, love, cats and Coffee, I barely have time for crafting right now!

I’m preparing to move house, which is why my social media presence has been a bit spotty lately. My living room at the moment is a mess of boxes, bags, drawers sitting on top of their houses, papers, books and all kinds of other bits and pieces! Still, no reason to let that disrupt business as usual, right?!

In more exciting news, Etsy has a new look coming! If you’re already on Etsy, you’ll probably have heard about this. (And if you haven’t, are you not reading your emails??) There will be a new store front, and pictures will be more important than ever. Including a cover image, which will span the top third of your computer screen when you view your shop, all the way across, and will be the first thing customers see!

Daunting, no?

I have a small, secret offer on, though. (All my offers seem to be secret lately, hmm…) I figure with so many Etsy sellers who have trouble making stuff in PhotoShop (or GIMP, or Canva, or…), I should offer my amateur services to the community. 😀

So, with every order of £25 or above (before postage, after discounts), you can request a full size cover image through a convo (with the same account you used for the purchase). By full size, I mean the full 3360×840 in 72dpi, i.e. screen resolution at full size.

If you want more than one cover image, or one that can change with the seasons, send me a convo and we’ll discuss the fee (order size).

Note that a logo is not included in this offer, so if you don’t already have one you want to use, I’ll put your shop name in one of the premade fonts I have available.

This is a great way to get both a new look for your shop and a gift for yourself or others at the same time!

Members of the Craft Britannia or Brighton Etsy teams get first dibs, so if you’re in one of those, make note of that in the convo. 🙂

Geekery + Chainmaille = Yay!

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to most of you that I’m the geeky sort. I own an Xbox 360, I watch sci-fi shows, and board games are one of my favourite things to do in the evening. I suppose you could call my chainmaille another geeky pursuit, but that one depends on your point of view.

So far I’ve been using maille to make jewellery almost exclusively. There are some keyrings as well, so I include “accessories” in my descriptions of my business, but in general it’s been wearable art. Now, for the first time, I’ve tried something a bit different.

I’ve started to make chainmaille pouches.

It's green!

It’s green!

“A chainmaille pouch,” I can hear you say, “What’s that good for?” Well, what would you use a pouch in general for? One of the primary uses, out there, is as a dice bag. (Are you starting to see why I introduced this with some geekery?) Lots of tabletop gamers carry a collection of dice around. If you’re a role playing gamer, you might need a few different kinds of dice. If you’re a tabletop wargamer, you might just need a whole bunch of D6s. And if you’re not a tabletop gamer, you might have no idea what I’m talking about!

This one took a very long time to make.

This one took a very long time to make.

Not to worry. Pouches can be used for so much else. You could use it as an unusual coin purse. You could use it as a make-up bag. You could carry around semi-precious tumble stones. Or anything else that takes your fancy.

Making these pouches has been a nice break for me. I’m not bored with jewellery by any stretch, but it’s always interesting to expand my skills!


You wouldn't believe how tiny this thing is!

You wouldn’t believe how tiny this thing is!

Now I just need to get this obsession with making them out of my system, and then maybe there will be more new ideas. 🙂

For the moment I only make these as custom orders, although I’m sure some will appear in my shop eventually. If you want one before then, just email me at victoriasol@destai.com and I can make one to your specifications!