Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the whole weekend too!

Yeah, ok, so this is a bit of a promo post. But still!

I’m offering 20% off all orders over £10 on my Etsy shop this weekend, and if you’re nice to me I might extend it to custom orders too. 😉

“Your Etsy shop,” you ask. “Where do I find that?”

Well, my dears, you can just go to and voila! You’re there! 😀 All you need to do is input the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout and you’ll get your 20% off until the end of Cyber Monday (the 30th). (Actually, knowing me, I probably won’t turn the code off until Tuesday morning, so do try your luck then as well. 😛 )

Have fun shopping, and do check out the rest of Craft Britannia’s deals as well! 🙂