The #btnetsy Tools and Work Habits Blog Challenge

So I was asked to write up a blog post which would start a blog challenge for the Brighton Etsy (#btnetsy) Team, all about tools and how I work and all that good stuff. This is my attempt at making a few starting point questions without making it sound too much like an interview. 🙂

Show us a picture of your work station.

It's never usually this tidy!

It’s never usually this tidy!

This is the small area in which I make all my chainmaille. It’s about the size of a third to half a desk, with the laptop to my right, Coffee cup within easy reach and tools and supplies scattered around in a “creative” way.

The cardboard boxes you see are the containers I use to keep my rings from being swept onto the floor, and the like. I keep the rings in zip lock bags when I store them, but they need to be in easy reach when I work. Hence cardboard boxes and lids!

The desk itself has definitely seen better days. It has paint stains, bits of glue that won’t come off and even knife marks from cutting plastic. Not to mention the marks I’ve intentionally put on it, which measure out the most common bracelet sizes so I won’t have to always bring out the tape measure. It’s a good desk, though. I like it. 🙂

What are your favourite tools, and how do you use them?

My favourite tools are my pliers. You can see them in the above picture, with the blue handles. They’re hardware shop pliers rather than jewellery pliers, but they work great for my purposes. I use them to open and close each ring individually, weaving them together into the beautiful patterns of chainmaille. I even have a video showing how to do one particular weave!

What time of day or night do you do your best creative work?

My favourite creative time is somewhere between 2am and 5am. Just around 3am I hit my peak. Unfortunately I live in the real world and I can’t help but appreciate sunlight, so I don’t work during that time much. In practice I work during the day. Probably around 11am-2pm for the creative stuff, with admin and other boring things surrounding it. Then I get a second wind in the late afternoon – early evening and do some more. 🙂

Do you prefer working in silence, with music or with something else as secondary entertainment?

I prefer working with music on. I have several playlists, but my most used one is one simply called “Metal”. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Vanity Draws Blood, Prolong the Agony and Saint[the]Sinner, all sort-of-local bands who are really, really good. (Check them out. 😉 )

I also keep the TV on if I’m not listening to music. I’ll be watching a sci-fi show or Mythbusters, or something else that doesn’t take too much concentration. I don’t work well in silence. I think it’s a psychological thing.

Describe how you structure your work

I really, really don’t! I try to fit in everything I need to do in a day, but it rarely works. Between creative work, admin work, social media and general household chores, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve been thinking of trying to adhere to a schedule (I even made one!) but my brain just doesn’t work like that. I fail miserably, and then spend time feeling bad about it rather than, you know, working. Humans. Pah. Honestly. 🙂

I hope this has given you some more insight into the enigma that is yours truly. I’m a simplistically complex person, and everything makes sense in my head, honest. Hopefully some words work together in coherence in writing as well!

If you’re a Brighton Etsy person and want to join in with the challenge, just copy the questions from here or the forum and make your own post. And please do comment with the link. I’d love to read it! 🙂