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It can be scary to take the first steps to becoming an Etsy seller. To some people it seems like an exclusive club, to others it’s the natural path to take because “everyone is on there”. The reality is, of course, somewhere in between.

There are about 4.3 million sellers on Etsy, which is 1.6 million more than before the pandemic started. Loads of people have decided that since they’re sitting at home all day, whether on furlough or because they lost their job, they might as well try to make some money off their crafting or other creative skills. Some of those people are going to build their business up to giving them a living wage. Some are only on there for hobby purposes. I, myself, started my Etsy career 8 years ago because I had too much stock sitting around, I couldn’t even give my pieces away at the same rate as I was making them, and in fact the first version of my bio say “Help, I’m drowning in bracelets!”

But that was a long time ago, and Etsy sellers now have a lot more to deal with and work with than I did back then. As time passed, new policies have come in, as have software changes for better or for worse.

Setting up an Etsy shop is more on trend than ever. However most new sellers dive in at the deep end, sometimes without knowing how to swim. So how can you find a life preserver, or even better a life jacket, that fits you, works for and with you, and ultimately keeps you above water? Well, you’re on the right website, here!

When you sign up for Etsy, whether through a link that gives you free listings or just right from their own website, Etsy will hold your hand to some extent at the beginning. There are tips and explanations, and of course the Etsy Handbook which is the closest thing you get to an Etsy bible. The first part isn’t that difficult – they ask for your full legal name, your bank details, what you want to name your shop and so on. Anxiety inducing for some, but easily finished by others. There is no shame in being nervous about it as it is a big decision to do anything involving money after all.

At a certain point, Etsy mostly lets go of your hand. (Yes, I will take this metaphor as far as I can. 😉 ) You’ll create your first listing, and then you’re on your own.

This is where I come in.

This is where I can guide you in the right direction, tell you everything you need and help you get the most out of your shop and listings. Not everyone knows that Etsy requires you to fill out the About section of your shop – in fact they are even able to shut down your shop if you have a blank About section. I don’t believe it happens very often but they can do it. You also need a Privacy Policy to be able to sell. That’s a legal requirement in the UK and EU, not just an Etsy policy. These are some of the pitfalls new sellers can fall into if they don’t do the reading. Or hire an Etsy coach. 🙂

If you’re brand new to Etsy and you want my assistance in setting everything up, I am very happy to help. Get in touch with me via the Contact page, or go to the Shop page and select the Setting Up Shop product. I’ll email you at the email address you give at checkout, or in the contact form, and you’ll already be well on your way to a successful shop.

Sounds good? What are you waiting for?

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