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Book a coaching session with Vic – pick the length of the session you want and book in using the calendar.

If you’re not sure when you want to book in yet, but want to secure a session regardless, pick a product in the Shop section.

Bookings available:

30 minute Listing Review
Pick one listing for me to review alongside you on Zoom. You can make changes as we go, or you can take notes and update the listing later. You can then use this listing as a template for your other listings.

60 minute Shop & Listing Review
I will help you review the front page of your Etsy shop as well as one listing. As above, you can make changes as we go or you can take notes and update your shop and listing later. The listing can then be used as a template to help with your other listings.

15 minute Quick Review
This 15 minute session is just long enough to give a quick overview of advice on your Etsy shop front page. If you want to be more thorough, I recommend one of the longer sessions. Consider this more of a taster session to see if we work well together.

2 hour Setting Up Shop Session
This 2 hour session will help you set up your Etsy shop all the way from scratch. The only thing you’ll need in advance is photos for your first product listing. It’s also a good idea to have thought about what you want to name the shop, as sometimes your first choice isn’t available.

60 minute Create One Listing Session
This 30-60 minute session will help you create one listing from scratch. You will need to have photos in advance, but everything else we’ll do together over Zoom.

Destai Coaching Policies

– Payments are to be made in full, in advance of each session. Half of the payment is non-refundable, bar the need to cancel due to an emergency or you cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

– Please respect my time and yours. When you make a booking you can choose the date and time. If you need to change or cancel it, please give me at least 24 hours’ notice. If I do not get notice 24 hours in advance and you do not show up for the session, I will keep half the payment as a non-refundable deposit and refund the other half.

– Once you purchase a session, you have three (3) months to make use of your booking. If you do not schedule your session within three months I will keep half of the payment as a non-refundable deposit and refund the other half.

– I will not tolerate abusive language or any hate speech. If this happens during a session I will shut it down and you will not be refunded. (Normal swearing at Etsy is fine, we all do it sometimes.)