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Macramé Jewellery for
Outcasts, Oddballs & Friends

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Ring by individual ring, these pieces are woven together in metal with my own two hands (and some pliers!).


This art of knotted cords and threads creates beautiful textures and patterns, perfect for non-metal jewellery.

LGBTQ+ Pride

All the most commonly used Pride flag colours under one category. If yours isn’t here, send me a Custom Order request.

Custom Orders

Everyone’s first pick, get a piece made just for you, to your specifications. What’s your favourite colour?

Dark Stretchies by Destai

My (late) Holiday Gift to You!

All thin Stretchies are currently on sale for £20 each (down from £24). It’s a perfect time to stock up if you’ve wanted more than one!

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Be Proud. Be You.

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What little treats do Outcasts and Oddballs want?

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Have you been looking, searching, seeking, needing, yearning for and desiring a place where fellow Outcasts, Oddballs and Friends can join hands and sing (I mean if that’s your jam)? Where you can talk about anything and everything, laugh and cry together, exchange experiences and find kin?

Have I got the place for you!

Spread neatly across The Outcasts’ Circle (the Facebook Group), The Outcasts’ Circle (the Discord Server), and The Outcasts, Odddballs & Friends Newsletter right in your inbox, this is not something you can pass up. Fill in the form just below to join the most outcasty yet as safe as humanly possible, little corner of the internet. This will sign you up for the Newsletter and give you access (via links in the Welcome email) to the Facebook Group and Discord Server. What are you waiting for?

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What do Destai’s most important people,
the Customers, have to say?

Pride Fidget Keychains

“I love this keyring; the quality is great and it’s exactly as described. I’d definitely recommend this store and would buy from here again in the future 🙂 “

-May ~ 5 Stars!

Pride Dragontail Keychain

“Only word i can think of to describe it is absolutely gorgeous.”

-C.R. ~ 5 Stars!

Dark Rainbow Stretchy Bracelet

“Love it! The colors shine better in person than pictures can show. Fits great, feels great.”

-Arb ~ 5 Stars!

Progress Pride Dragontail Keychain

“Perfect, as described and well made.”

-Arin ~ 5 Stars!

Dark Pansexual Stretchy Bracelet

“Brilliant design! I love it and will wear it forever!”

-Matthew ~ 5 Stars!


For the Queer, For the Weirdos
For the dear other feared

For our Outcasts, And our Oddballs
For the last swiftly scrawled

For our Friends, For our Siblings
‘Til the end

Be Proud. Be You.

Be Proud. Be You.

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