Destai: Artisan Chainmaille and Macramé Jewellery & Accessories

Destai: Be Proud. Be You.


For the Queer
For the Weirdos
For the dear other feared

For our Outcasts
And our Oddballs
For the last swiftly scrawled

For our Friends
For our Siblings
‘Til the end

Be Proud. Be You.

LGBTQ+ Pride
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your stuff?
Right here on this site! Click the Shop option in the menu to find all my pieces for sale. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to buy from a trusted marketplace, I have a shop over on Etsy.

Where do you ship to?
I currently only ship to select countries – the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – because of new regulations in Europe and some due to Brexit, which make it hard for small businesses to operate internationally.

Who are you anyway?
My name is Vic, I live and work in my newfound home on the South-East coast of the UK. If you want to know more, click through to my About page, where you can find my creative history.

How can I best contact you?
I have multiple social media accounts as well as email.

You can find me on:
Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Destai: Vic in front of the Progress Pride flag

Join the Destai Fun

There are many ways to get in touch with Vic (that’s me!), but to truly experience Destai in its full glory (such as it is), join The Outcasts’ Circle over on Facebook or Discord and join in with the conversation.

Be Proud. Be You. And shop ’til you drop for gorgeous accessories and heirlooms in the making!