I get one question more than almost any other. As often as as “How do you do that?” and more than “What metal do you use?”. It’s a pretty simple one: “What does ‘Destai’ mean?”

D is for Destai, metal weaver extreme.

first-person singular past historic of destare

destare (Italian)

From Vulgar Latin *deexcitāre, present active infinitive of *deexcitō, derived from Latin excitō (“I call forth”, “I rouse”).

to wake up
to arouse or awaken


More simply, it means “I have awoken”.

I thought it was appropriate; I had recently awoken to my destiny as a creative person, and accepted that it’s part of my soul rather than just a hobby.

Chainmaille is only one expression of my creativity. But for the time being it’s the most visible one. This is also why I use Destai as an umbrella name for all my creative endeavours. Although I may present them differently to the world, Victoria Stedje – Wordsmith is technically Destai Media, and Protean Sol is Destai Music.

D is for Destai, Life turned creative dream

Those who know me well will understand why it’s a perfect name for me. Awakening, from Latin, and pleasing pronunciation and word style all in one? Sign me up!

And that’s the story behind the name Destai. Viking Metal, Entangled, Media or Music, I keep many irons in the fire and I like it that way! 🙂