(Am I from outer space? We’re all made of stardust after all…)

One of the things I want to do with my voice, as small as it may be or as big as it may grow, is to champion for the weirdos. The kind hearted oddballs, the outsiders of the “norms” of society. Whether what’s keeping you apart from the neat little box in the centre of Western community is your queerness, your race, your autism, your disability, whatever, I want Destai to be a beacon in the dark.

That all sounds very big, doesn’t it. I want to make jewellery, of course, and I want to sell it because that’s how I make my money, but I want to do more than that too. I want to promote acceptance. This is a little safe space for outcasts, even if it’s just online.

I even created a Facebook group, called Destai – Be Proud. Be You. which functions both as a news group for the goings-on with me and my business but also as a general chat space for anyone who wants to take part.

I’m an out queer and disabled person and I know all too well what it’s like to be outside of “normal society”. I’m a geek. I’m a metalhead. I’m a goth. I know these things.

Come, join us, maybe we’ll start a revolution. 🙂