It’s just been Mother’s Day in America and it’s been all over my Facebook. It stings a bit to see all of it, but I’m happy for everyone who is a proud mum or who has a wonderful one.

My mum was a wonderful person. She was kind, smart, well read and she cared a lot about us children. She and I had our ups and downs, as I’m sure most children and parents do, but we were close and I miss her a lot.

She passed in November after a long period of illness, and I think it was the COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) that finally got her. (Don’t smoke.) I had a big part in writing the eulogy and I put focus on remembering the happy times.

She always appreciated and supported my creativity. She was a big fan of my jewellery, and she was wearing some of it when she passed, and was buried with a few of my pieces.

One thing I’m particularly proud of, that I made her, is the Trinity necklace. It’s made of jewellers brass with amethyst pendants (she was born in February so it was her birth stone) and symbolised us three kids with her in unity.

It’s six months and two days since she passed, today. I recently made a necklace for myself, in bronze, with three smoky quartz pendants side by side. I have named it Astrid, after Mum. I don’t plan on making more; this is my memory piece. However I am still considering a product range inspired by her. Time will tell.

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