I had an interesting Pride Month (June), I have to admit. There were no Pride arrangements in my local vicinity during that month, but I did meander up to Norway, where the county I was born in had its first ever Pride celebration! I love that it’s come so far, that a rural county with a ton of tiny towns will come together and celebrate something so important. When I grew up, there wasn’t even an “only gay in the village”. I’m sure LGBTQ+ people existed, in fact I know at least one person in my class came out as gay a few years later, but it was just one of those things that weren’t spoken of. So yay to that!

I, personally, spent the last two weeks of June with family. With my Mum’s passing and everything we had to clear out the house we grew up in and make it ready to sell. It was a very emotional job, and it’s ripped open the wound again rather bad. So I spent some time recovering from that.

Then! We had the 7th annual Trans Pride in Brighton, which is just amazing! I’ve been to it a few times before and it never disappoints. It has a fantastic vibe and everyone is so welcoming. I feel truly like I’m with my tribe when I’m there. We sat in the sun for hours and hours, and I really should have used the sun cream on offer! But never mind. After that, my little group went to the Marly (The Marlborough, famous queer pub in Brighton) for a good few hours, before two of us moved on to Patterns for the Taumfrau afterparty. All in all a very successful day and night.

Next up is, of course, Brighton Pride. It’s on the 2nd – 4th of August, and I’ll probably go to the smaller events rather than the big party in the park. Still, I’m looking forward to it and to hanging out with awesome people in a safe space. Yes!