Ever since I was told “it’s probably fibromyalgia” I have noticed certain patterns in flare-ups and when I’m capable of doing things vs when I’m not. And while it’s only been about 2 years, I notice that around September-October time I have had massive flare-ups, which also affect my general mood and mental health.

I have disappeared off the face of the earth a bit lately because of this. Have to look after yourself and your own health first, right? But I’ve been making, a lot, to try to manage the symptoms and, not least, boredom! When you’re stuck in bed with a blanket over your legs to keep them warm and kinda-sorta dexterous, you need some sort of entertainment.

So here’s a small gallery of the stuff I’ve been making, using my laptop as a workbench!

Meanwhile, my social media and product listings have been suffering. But I’m hoping to be up and back at ’em soon. Hopefully before the end of October anyway!

How are you coping with autumn? Do you love it or is it hard to live through?