I really want to rave about titanium for a bit. You know me, I love my metals. And titanium holds a special place in my heart.

Half Persian Chainmaille Bracelet by Destai

Titanium is one of the elements, known as Ti, and it has some wonderful properties. It’s as strong as stainless steel but much, much lighter. If you want the strength but not the heft of a steel piece, titanium is definitely the metal for you.

This metal is hypoallergenic, and used in a lot of body piercings for this exact reason. It’s almost impossible to react to it as it’s so kind to the skin and body. It’s even used in surgical equipment and body implants, like the rods the surgeons will put in to support a broken femur, or a hip replacement. That tells you how reliable it is as well.

Chainmaille Pendant by Destai

The finish on titanium is smoother than stainless steel. The two are comparable in a lot of ways, like the strength, but titanium has a bit of a satin sheen. It will never be as shiny as stainless steel, but it’s lovely in its own, matte way. It feels amazing against the skin, whether on your wrist, around your neck, or as really lightweight earrings.

Working with it is a challenge – it probably takes me nearly twice as long as with steel just because the metal is harder to get into place. However I love a challenge and it feels like a great achievement when I finish a titanium piece to the high standard you expect from me.

I love this metal because it feels so good against the skin. Because it’s so lightweight you can wear a hundred bracelets and not be weighed down. Because it never tarnishes, it stays its own beautiful self forever. Because it doesn’t make me break out in a rash like some cheaper metals do. I love this metal, and I’m not afraid to shout about it. 🙂

In summary, titanium is amazing. It looks fantastic, it’s as high end as base metals get (you can get high end jewellery in titanium any day!), and it feels great to wear.

I have a special titanium section in my shop; it’s not very populated yet because they keep selling out! But it’s there, so keep looking to see anything new I make. 🙂

Much love, -Vic