Have you figured out your holiday presents yet? Time is running out, and last posting dates are coming up.

In order to be helpful and a bit alternative perhaps, I wanted to show you some suggestions I have for your family and friends. 🙂


Mum would absolutely love this dyed hemp macramé bracelet. Whether she’s vintage minded or modern classic, this piece would suit her perfectly and as it’s all natural materials it’s non-allergenic too.

Chainmaille Helm Bracelet

If Mum prefers metal jewellery, this Helm chainmaille bracelet will suit her well. Made in stainless steel, this bracelet is flexible and comfortable, and looks beautiful on any wrist.


This aluminium necklace chain is thick but lightweight and feels great around the neck. It’s well constructed and will last for years and years. Dad will love this statement chain which can be worn under or on top of the shirt, depending on occasion.

A bit heavier, this stainless steel bracelet would suit Dad just fine, thank you very much. The “Firewyrm” chainmaille weave is chunky and has some heft, which Dads everywhere appreciate a great deal.


For a glamorous Sister, this Rondo Ornatica bracelet is perfect. Made in bright aluminium, it’s shiny, doesn’t tarnish and is a real statement on the wrist. Sis will love this fabulous piece in her stocking.

For a Sister who has pierced ears, these earrings will show her that you really care. Made with black and white anodised aluminium rings, they’re lightweight and comfortable and dangle beautifully beaneath the ears. If Sis doesn’t have pierced ears, I can make them with clip on attachments as well.


For the Brother who has everything, how about a stainless steel chainmaille wallet chain! It has a keyring on one end and a snap clasp on the other, but I can put snap clasps on both ends at your request. Great for those alternative brothers who like a good chain on their hip.

My own Brother absolutely loves his survival paracord bracelets (he bought four from me!), and I know a lot of other Brothers out there will love them too. Tightly knotted, the bracelet will last forever and has the additional trick that it can be unravelled in an emergency to get a rope about 100″ long.


Kids love these colourful rainbow stretchy bracelets. They can be tugged at, fidgeted with, or just worn as a fashion statement. If you want different colours, just let me know. Ideally let me know the child’s wrist size, but if you can’t measure without giving it away, just give me their age and I’ll estimate. 🙂

These dragonfly key chains are made with nylon cord and are incredibly durable. I’ve worn one on my gigantic set of keys for 6 years now and it’s still going strong. Kids adore the shape of the dragonfly and are amazed at how it’s possible to make with just a bit of cord. Perfect for the child who needs a stocking filler out of the ordinary.


For the friend who already buys their own presents so you have no idea what to give them – how about a chainmaille pouch! Sometimes referred to as a “bag of holding” because it’s seemingly bigger on the inside than the outside, this pouch can hold dice, coins, stones and crystals or anything else your friend’s heart desires.

This piece is called the Life Pendant and everyone sees something different in it. Whether you see a tree of life, a butterfly or a ribcage, this is a great gift for your friend. I have it in both bright aluminium and in stainless steel, so whichever you think will suit your friend best is your choice.

Is your friend the type to make a statement with their jewellery? Well it doesn’t get much more statement-ier than this. Made in satin nylon cord, the bracelet is smooth against the skin and easy to put on and take off.


You can never go wrong with a Dragontail key chain. Harvested humanely from tiny dragons (also known as “woven together in a scalemaille pattern”), this rainbow key chain will look good with everyone’s keys. If you want different colours, let me know. I can make it in all the colours of the rainbow and a few more!

I hope this has been informative. If you need any more gift ideas, feel free to contact me via the form in the side bar of the website. And whoever you buy for, and whatever you celebrate, have a lovely holiday this year. 🙂

For a reminder of last order dates, here they are:

UK: 15 December
Europe: 10 December
Rest of the World: 1 December