Are you a ferocious Holiday shopper, or a last minute kind of person? Do you have loads of gift ideas or are you completely stumped? However you shop for the Holidays, this Holiday Gift Guide can be of help when it comes to those difficult decisions!

Destai offers loads of different products for all kinds of friends and family members. And if you see something you like but it’s not quite right, why not ask us about a custom order which can be made to your exact specifications.

Anyway, enough talk. Let’s show you some ideas!

Stocking fillers and Secret Santa / White Elephant ideas


Monochrome Chainmaille Bracelet by Destai

These stretchy bracelets come in many different colours, including a bunch of Pride flag colours. They’re fun, stylish and super easy to use – just stretch or roll them over your hand and they will sit securely on your wrist without having to fiddle with a clasp. I have a whole section worth of stretchies where you can pick your favourite – or what you think the giftee will like the most!

For: Teens, Queer people, People who like non-traditional jewellery, People who don’t want to bother with a clasp


Dragontail Keychain by Destai

Our Dragontails are rainbow by “default”, but you can find them in loads of different Pride colours already in stock on this site, or you can request a custom colour combination. They’re Amazing for fidgeting and you’ll never lose your keys in your pocket or handbag again. As an added bonus they can be attached to e.g. medicine bottles or medical devices for disabled people to make them easy to find. The scale at the end is also a fantastic punch for blister packs of tablets!

For: Fidgeters, People who lose their keys a lot, Queer people, People who love colours

Paracord Survival Bracelets

Paracord Bracelet by Destai

2020 has been a difficult year for many, so why not go into 2021 prepared. These paracord bracelets are known as “survival bracelets” because you can take them apart and have one long rope (~90″-100″ long) that can hold a lot of weight and be very useful in a survival situation. They also look really cool on the wrist. Destai offers these survival bracelets in multiple colours, and if you have a specific request that you can’t find, just let us know and we’ll do our best!

For: Outdoorsy people, Campers, People who like chunky, non-traditional jewellery

Gifts for Friends and Family Members

Mjölnir Necklace

Mjolnir Chainmaille Pendant by Destai

Thor’s Hammer is a well known symbol of strength. Whether the giftee is a follower of the Norse Pagan faith or just a big comic book fan, this pendant with chain can be worn to feel strong, cooooool, and generally awesome. Made in all stainless steel, it will very rarely need cleaning (and you just need hot water and soap when it does!) and will get shinier with wear as it rubs against the skin.

For: Norse Pagans, Comic book fans, People who will appreciate a symbol of strength

Dice Bags / Pouches for Small Things

Chainmaille Dice Bag by Destai

These little pouches can be used as dice bags, tumble stone bags, coin purses, medication pouches or anything else you might need a small bag for. With a drawstring closure and a toggle around the paracord, it’s easy to open and close but holds tightly so you don’t lose anything that’s inside. Destai makes them in all the colours of the rainbow and more, and if you want a specific colour combination or pattern then you can just contact us for a custom order.

For: Tabletop gamers, Collectors of little things, People who need to be able to find their medication easily

Life Pendant Necklace

Life Pendant by Destai

This is a Destai original design, and represents lungs, air, trees and butterflies. Everyone will find their own interpretation of this design (Vic’s personal one is a ribcage), and it looks amazing around the neck. As it’s made to symbolise lungs and air, it could be a nice little wish of good luck in these Covid times.

For: People who wear abstract pendants, People who want a symbol of good luck


Chainmaille Bracelet by Destai

Destai’s Wristbreakers are so named because the wrist will break before the bracelet gives. It sounds scary, but it speaks to the quality of craftspersonship and the strength of the stainless steel. Finished with a shackle clasp, these bracelets are semi-permanent as it’s a pain to open and close the shackle every morning and night. They will hold up to almost anything, although I do recommend keeping them away from strong chemicals, just in case.

For: Strong people, People who like a bit of weight on their wrist, People who want a semi-permanent bracelet

Romantic Gifts

Wrapped Stone Pendants

Chainmaille Wrapped Rose Quartz Pendant by Destai

We have a range of wrapped stone pendants and we can create even more on request. This particular one, in the picture, is Rose Quartz, which is a stone symbolising love. How sweet, right? The wrap is made to last and the stone itself is big enough for this to qualify as a statement pendant, at roughly 40mm (over 1.5″) long. If you request a specific stone, we will do our absolute best to find one for you as we both have several in stock that haven’t been wrapped yet, and we can get more. However if you want a custom piece, make sure to order early rather than later.

For: Romantic partners, People who appreciate statement pieces

Sailors Knot Necklace

Sailors Knot Chainmaille Necklace by Destai

This is a Sailors Knot created out of chainmaille rope. Made as a fun combination of Vic’s love for both chainmaille and macramé, it turned out to take absolutely ages. (It was very satisfying to finish that last ring though.) The necklace is made in jewellery grade aluminium and is lightweight but durable. Great as a gift for someone you really care about, the knot can be used to show the joining of two ropes.

For: Romantic partners, Partners in life, People who like statement jewellery

Did that help?

If you want any more help picking out gifts for someone you care about, just leave us a comment and we’ll do our best!