In the second year running with only Blursdays in the weeks, and the weeks and months barely existing anyway, how are we supposed to know when important dates are? I mean, seriously, it’s a bit easier for people resident in the USA because it’s the day after US Thanksgiving so at least they have a vague idea, but what about us poor Europeans?

With this in mind, I have decided to have a Holiday sale instead of a Black Friday event. This means that the sale is on now Now NOW (*cough*) over on Etsy, until the 17th of November (that’s Blursday, I mean Wednesday, next week) and I have some great deals.

The core sale is 15% off all orders over £50. This means that any order that totals over £50, whether it’s one piece or multiple, you get 15% off. That can easily bring higher prices down so make sure you make use of it for that piece you’ve been lusting after ever since the first time you saw it. 😉

As always, there are some pieces I only have one of so if you want something very specific you stand a better chance by getting in there early.

I will also honour this sale for custom orders, as long as they are finalised and paid for before midnight GMT on the 17th.

This sale is an Etsy exclusive, so head on over to DestaiDesigns on Etsy to see the savings. The sale prices are automatically applied once you hit £50 or above.

So get in there, browse, find, love, buy. 😉 Find something that makes you feel like all is right with the world. Be Proud. Be You.