Victoria Sol – Jewellery Artisan

My name is Victoria. I am a true Viking, born and raised in Fardal, Norway, close to the site of the Battle of Fimreite! My heritage is a huge part of me, like the farm next door where my mum grew up that has been there for hundreds of years, and the long, long history of Sognefjorden, one arm of which stretches right past the mountains where I grew up.


Fardal in winter.


I’ve always been a creative one, ever since I was very little. As a child I’d draw, paint and craft; later I did acting, learned to play the keyboard and started writing songs. I still write songs now, more than a decade later.

A few days before my 20th birthday I decided to up and move to the UK. This was a massive change for me, but one that would turn out beautifully. On the south coast of England I found love, friendships and a love of the English Channel almost as strong as that of the fjords back home. I ended up settling in Brighton & Hove, a very alternative city which suits me very well.


Walking through Brighton.


At the age of 24 I had to quit working due to bad mental health. For a long time I drifted without a purpose, unable to work and with not much to keep me occupied. But then one day my good friend came over and taught me how to make friendship bracelets – and it was done. I was hooked on crafts again. I moved on to more advanced macramé. From there it moved quickly; I fell in love with beads of all kinds, learnt the basics of wire wrapping and found out that such a thing as chainmaille jewellery existed!

Chainmaille has become my passion, which I put down to my Viking heritage. You can take the girl out of Norway but you can’t take the Viking out of the girl! Most of my creations now come out of a pile of small rings. I have become familiar with different types of metal, learnt many different ways of weaving the rings together and the pliers have become my second pair of hands. Honestly, some days I feel like Edward Scissorhands!


Pile o’ chainmaille!


Since deciding to focus on the metal jewellery, I have also started stamping metal. This is a fun way of being creative which requires some special equipment and some practice, but the possibilities are endless!

I started my tiny little business in August 2013, and made my first sale in October that year. By then I had been making jewellery for friends and family for a while and honed my craft. I set up shop on Etsy, as well as a website through which I take custom orders. Who doesn’t love having something made just for them?


Custom order.


And here we are now. I’m always perfecting my work, always learning new things and forever trying to come up with new designs which will not only appeal to other people, but which I would wear myself. I want to make shiny things to share with people, and I want there to be something for all tastes.

I focus my energies on the more alternative market, however I am always happy to make something for you, specifically. If you have anything in mind, i’m all ears!


Photo credit: Becky Netley Photography