Vic from Destai

I’m Vic, the queer oddball behind Destai.

When I put my pieces on, I feel strong, confident, ready to take on the world. Is there any wonder I never take them off?!

As a person who struggles with being different, wearing my own jewellery gives me a visible and tangible identity, all through wearing these bracelets, necklaces, and wallet chains.

I want to share this feeling of inner and outer strength with other people.

Everyone deserves a place in the world, and everyone deserves to be able to show who they are with their accessories.


As a genderqueer and generally queer person...

As a queer person, I feel power in wearing Pride colours on my wrist,
and I can layer them up to show all my different identities as a whole.

I want to share this with everyone.

I want everyone to be able to stand up, be proud of themselves, regardless of how weird or outsider-ish you’re feeling.

Always remember you are as shiny as a well polished stainless steel bracelet, and as strong as titanium. Wearing pieces I make just enforces this, and you can face the world head on knowing you have a small reminder firmly attached to your body.

Pride Bracelets by Destai

More, more, I want to know more!

Helm Chainmaille Choker by Destai

"Where did you spring up from, anyway?"

“Everyone knows” that chainmaille was a big part of the Viking culture. Both for armour and decorative purposes, this way of weaving metal mimics the old Viking knotwork and was useful and pretty for battle and ceremonies.

Me, I was born out in the sticks of nowhere, and raised in Fardal, Norway. The remains of Viking culture were everywhere, and my heritage has become a huge part of me.

I’ve always been creatively inclined – my love for macramé stems back from childhood. I wore wallet chains made out of cord and yarn as a teen, and made my own aesthetic, like the oddball I am and have always been.

Then, just about 20 years ago, I decided to up and move to the UK. On the south coast of England I found love, friendships and a love of the English Channel almost as strong as that of the fjords back home. Brighton & Hove, the queer capital of the UK, is now where I call home and I plan to never leave!

Rainbow Titanium Chainmaille Pendant by Destai

Becoming the Artisan

About 12 years ago, I picked up the cords again. I quickly moved on to more advanced macramé and it wasn’t long before I was weaving chainmaille too! Artisan made chains are perfect for me, a person who’s really hard on jewellery, because I know my quality will hold for years and years and even generations. I am very happy that I can’t destroy this, in my hardwearing ways!

I’m always perfecting my work, always learning new things and forever trying to come up with new designs which will not only appeal to other people, but which I would wear myself. I want to make shiny things to share with people, and I want there to be something for all tastes.

I focus my energies on the queer, gothic, and alternative designs, however I am always happy to make something for you, specifically. If you have anything in mind, I’m all ears and excited to take on custom orders!

Boxed Chainmaille by Destai