Custom Statement Piece by Destai

Custom Orders

“How do I go about asking for a custom order?” you might be asking yourself. Well look no further. You have reached the right place.

Whether you want a glorious statement piece or a small, unassuming piece that can be easily hidden away, chainmaille or macramé, stainless steel or colourful aluminium, this is the place to come.

Before you send me a message, it’s good to have a general idea of what you want. It’s not necessary to know all the technical specifications – I will figure those out for you! But I do need to know the size, colour(s) and the kind of shape you want. If you’re not sure about which materials to choose, I can help you with that as well.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to give me the details of what you want, and I’ll get back to you with either further guidance or a price if you have everything already figured out.

Make sure you check your email in the following days so you see my reply ASAP. 😉

How to Choose Your Size

Bracelet sizes

Take a piece of string, thread or cord and wrap it around your wrist to a comfortable tightness. Make sure it doesn’t cut off any circulation. Make a mark or hold on to the part where the end meets the rest of the cord, and measure the length. That’s your bracelet size.

The most common adult bracelet sizes are somewhere between 6.5″ – 8″ (that’s 16.5cm – 20cm). But if you have a larger or smaller wrist than that, it’s not a problem at all – that’s what custom orders are for!

Titanium Chainmaille by Destai

Necklace sizes

If you know your shirt collar size then you know roughly what a tight necklace size would be on you. For longer chains, refer to the graphic on the right to see where they would fall on the chest. You can also use the string trick from the Bracelet section above to get a more exact measurement.

Destai Necklace Chart

Custom Order Request Form

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