I have been completely and utterly taken in by the idea of BuJos. I know, I know, all the hype, right on trend, so unlike me, right? But it’s great!

“What’s a BuJo?” I hear you ask. A bullet journal (BuJo for short) is a specific way of journalling/planning that makes it easy to keep track of stuff even for disorganised people.

Naturally I don’t follow it to the letter. I’m way beyond disorganised; I had to find my own way to work it.

I use a completely normal notebook from some supermarket or another. It’s lined, and that’s all the features it has. Everything else I do myself. I write in a short To Do list every morning, of 2 – 4 things I want to get done in the day. I never go beyond 4, because I get easily overwhelmed and I need to keep it manageable. I also keep a Gratitude journal, where I write in three things every morning that I’m grateful for. This was an idea from Coaching for Geeks, which is a life coaching group specifically for geeks. It helps me think of positive things in the morning and helps my mood generally. As someone who is severely depressed, this is important for me!

I also have a few trackers – coffee, water, mood and a few tick boxes for various daily tasks.

Finally, I have an Achievements heading. This hasn’t been filled in as of 10.55 Sunday morning because I haven’t really done anything yet today. The idea of this section is to write down things I do that make me feel like I’ve achieved something. This can be anything from cleaning the kitchen to just having a shower on a bad day. This section helps me remember that even on the worst of days I do something that’s worth it, even that just means getting rest.

I also have a bunch of stickers!

My stickers help add a bit of colour, fun and focus. This big pile features designs from Stupidcats, Ellen Bee Makes and The Geeky Planner. It’s anything from a coffee cup to track my caffeine consumption, via “I ate my feelings today”, to mood trackers and urgent markers.

I also have a Nopebook.

I’m (kinda not really) sorry, but this punny notebook is one of my favourite pieces of stationery. I got it from Ohh Deer and it’s a lined A4 notebook with, like, the best illustration ever on the front.

Despite the big “Nope”, this is very much a big part of my newfound organisation. Inside is my monthly Habit Tracker. In this I have written a much longer list of things to do daily, semi-daily or weekly, and the goal is to track how well I stick to it over a longer period.

I refuse to show you what the list actually says, because some of it is very personal and depression based while other things are about work / social media/ etc. However you can see how it works – I fill in the squares when I’ve done something that day and I can track it over the month(s) that I do it. Gives a bigger picture of how well I stick to new habits.

So that’s all about how I’ve adjusted the BuJo idea to suit me. Do you have a BuJo? Do you use it regularly? I’d love to see pictures of your layout in the comments, or perhaps on Instagram. (I’m @destaidesign on there!)