So I’m one of those people who moved far away from home and all that stuff. This means that Christmas time, for me, is when I usually get to see my family. I’m leaving for Norway next week, and will probably take a whole day again (it took 14 hours from door to door last time) to travel. “How can it take so long?” I hear you ask. Well, I grew up in a tiny place outside a slightly bigger but still tiny place called Sogndal. There is technically an airport there, but it’s just as quick (and cheaper) to use the coach from Bergen. That’s a 5 hour coach. After a 2 hour flight. After a half hour train journey. After a 20 minute bus ride.

Anyway. I shall no doubt have much to think about during all this travelling, and I want to set myself up for it now. I shall also be panic making Christmas presents, as I’m way behind on personal life, as usual.

I want to create some goals for the new year. I am a member of both A Handcrafted Business and Coaching for Geeks, and they both encourage goal setting, and striving to achieve said goals (because otherwise they’re not much good, I suppose).

In the next 12 months, I would like to achieve…

  • A higher annual income
  • Loads of new designs
  • Working in heavier gauges (this means bigger and badder accessory pieces, perfect for unisex and masculine use)
  • Fully finding my own niche and going for it

Some of these are obviously easier to achieve than others, but I want to spend a lot more time making rather than messing about on the internet and whathaveyou. Be more productive. In a good way, not in the stressful, busy way.

So there you have it. I shall think more on this in the next little while, and perhaps I’ll come back in a week and say, “Actually…” But we’ll find out.

Finally, last order dates have come and gone (apart from the UK one, which is tomorrow), so anything ordered now is not likely to get to you by Christmas. I’m going to be increasing my lead times tomorrow so anything bought after that will not go out until after New Years.

Still, do check out my Etsy shop and who knows, I might even run a Boxing Day sale! Remember me if you get Christmas money. 😉