Chainmaille Dark Stretchies Bracelets in Pride Flag Colours


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They’re finally here – the (sort of) gothic versions of Pride flag bracelets! These are my Dark Stretchies, specifically made to offer stretchy Pride flag bracelets in a darker variant, which also (conveniently) means I have more colours to choose from so I can make more flags. Whether you’re Trans, Ace, Pan, Bi, Aro, Genderfluid or anything else, I have a bracelet for you!

* Pride flag colours on a background of black rubber rings
* Nickel and latex free!
* No clasp, just stretch it over your hand and it sits securely on your wrist
* Display your identity/ies proudly
* Contact me for custom orders and any flags I don’t have listed

This listing is for one bracelet, but there’s nothing stopping you buying more of them in different flag colours. The bracelets are made of EPDM (synthetic) rubber linked together with anodised aluminium rings in a strong and secure chainmaille weave called Half Persian 4-in-1. That means each ring links into four other rings, which makes it strong and secure on your wrist. There’s no clasp – you just stretch it over your hand and it’ll sit nicely on your wrist. Because of this it’s also disability friendly as you can easily pick it up and put it on with just one hand.

When choosing a bracelet length, please select at least 0.5 inch larger than your wrist size, due to the thickness of the sides of the bracelet. (E.g. if your wrist is 7 1/4 inch circumference, select 8 inches.)

Now more than ever it’s important to show our Pride (as long as it’s safe!) and let people know we are here and they can’t get rid of us. Whether you want to do this with rainbows or these more pinpointed bracelets, you can count on the quality and longevity of the piece.

EPDM rubber usually has a life time of 3-5 years, but can last longer if you treat it right. Things like direct sunlight, chemicals and salt water can damage it, so as long as you limit its exposure to those you will have this piece for a long time to come.

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Agender, Asexual (Ace), Aromantic (Aro), Bisexual, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Nonbinary (Enby), Pansexual, Transgender (Trans), Lesbian, Intersex


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