Chainmaille Dice Bag with White and Green Scales


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This is a chainmaille pouch that can be used for anything from dice to spare change, to gemstones or other small things and collectibles. It is just as suitable for geeks who carry dice and counters as it is for a medieval fashion fan who needs a way to keep their gold coins safe. Or, y’know, anyone else who likes chainmaille!

The bag is handmade from thick aluminium rings, and will keep your stuff safe! Anodised aluminium scales on top will be a spiky threat to anyone who might think about stealing your items, although they’re not actually sharp so don’t let people get too close.

The pouch is very lightweight when it’s empty; it’s easy to open and close and fills out nicely in a classic “pouch shape” when you put things in it.

The bag closes with a hand braided nylon cord and plastic toggle stop. The bottom is roughly 4 inches (10cm) across and the walls are about 2 inches (5cm) tall. I don’t know the exact volume because I don’t maths, but it will hold a few sets of roleplaying dice easily!

I make all my pieces to a high standard, the Viking way, but if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.


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