Men’s Necklace Chain – Medium Chunky Chainmaille Chain – Aluminium Neck Chain


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This is a silvery, shiny, lightweight, slightly chunky and definitely masculine chainmaille necklace chain. Brilliant for men or other people who like to be masculine, this chain goes with anything, including a bare chest.

At 28 inches (71cm) long, this chain is long enough to pull over your head and is therefore made as a continuous loop rather than with a clasp. It’s made of an aluminium alloy called Bright Aluminium and is completely nickel free.

The necklace chain is put together with individual rings in a chainmaille weave called Full Persian. It’s a sturdy but flexible weave – the pictures give an indication of how it bends.

The chain will arrive in a gift box, ready to wear. It is made in a smoke and pet free studio. I make a great effort to create the best items I can, but if you are not satisfied please do let me know and I will try my best to fix it.


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