Wristbreaker: Smaller Persian Dragonscale Bracelet


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This is the perfect unisex chainmaille bracelet for anyone who likes a bit of chain but doesn’t want to way big! (Nothing wrong with going big, but it’s not for everyone.) Made from individual stainless steel rings, this Persian Dragonscale bracelet is sure to catch people’s attention and add to your outfit and general style.

The bracelet features a shackle clasp, which gives the illusion of permanent jewellery while still being possible to take off if needed. The shackle is not the easiest thing to operate, so I recommend getting some help to put it on the first couple of times.

This piece will fit up to an 8 inch wrist and will look just as amazing on all genders. The entire thing is made of stainless steel, making it durable, strong and possibly slightly dangerous – it’s part of my Wristbreaker range for a reason! There are no real weak points in it, so don’t get it caught on anything or your wrist may well break before the bracelet does.

The bracelet will arrive in a gift box, ready to wear.

I make all my items to a high standard, the Viking way, but if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.


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