What better way to celebrate life, love, friendships and Pride than by wearing an amazing rainbow chainmaille bracelet?! This Byzantine bracelet is put together ring by individual ring to create one of my personal favourite designs – the Rainbow Stretchy!

Made up of bright aluminium and synthetic rubber rings, this bracelet is lightweight, durable, nickel and latex free, and a joy to wear. The chainmaille weave I’ve used is called Byzantine, which may be the most famous weave after the traditional armour weaves. This has been used as a decorative chain since ancient times. How cool is that?!

The colours follow the six Pride rainbow colours + black to separate each “flag”. There is no clasp; the rubber means you can stretch it over your hand easily and it will stay on your wrist without issue.

I make all my items to a high standard, the Viking way, but if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.


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