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The Newsletter

The Outcasts, Oddballs & Friends Newsletter is the gateway into all the fun. Once you sign up, using the form above, you get access to every aspect of The Outcasts’ Circle, and a nice little £5 discount on your first order (order value must be £25+) to boot.

The Newsletter will be going out in a semi-regular pattern (I could lie and tell you fortnightly, but we all know what I’m like!) and I promise I will never spam your inbox. Inside you can expect to find Destai news, Real world news that grab my attention, Discount codes exclusive to members, Highlights from the different aspects of The Outcasts’ Circle, and anything else that takes my fancy, really!

Join now, I mean, seriously it took more than half a paragraph to convince you? 😉

The Facebook Group

This is the original Outcasts’ Circle, a hidden away gathering space for all us outcasts, oddballs, friends and likeminded weirdos. You get your access pass to The Outcasts’ Circle (Facebook variant) by signing up to the Newsletter (with the form up above). Expect interesting conversations, thought provoking posts, personal experiences, and never be afraid to post something of your own. We are only too happy to hear from you!

(And yes, it’s the internet, so cat pictures are always welcome.)

The Discord Server

Joining the 21st century at last, The Outcasts’ Circle is now on Discord as well. For some, preferable because of the structure, for others, preferable just because it isn’t Facebook(!), and sometimes just an equal part in the different aspects of the Circle.

With a few different channels already made to get stuck into, I am also happy to make more if the need arises. Voice and video chat abilities are turned on, but never feel pressured into either of those if you don’t want to. They are only there to make communication suit YOU.

You get access to The Outcasts Circle (now on Discord) by signing up to the Newsletter via the form above. We can’t wait to see you. 🙂