Holiday in Norway

I’ve spent the past three weeks in Norway, and now that I’m leaving in a day and a half (early, early Saturday morning) I figured I’d gather some thoughts.

I spent Christmas here along with my mum and two brothers. I won’t post pictures of them because I don’t think they want the fame and fortune (fame, anyway), so you’ll just have to imagine a family of four that look somewhat similar to each other. 🙂

Also cat.

Silke the Cat

This little beast.

The resident cat is named Silke (which means silk, because she’s so soft) and she’s a black, furry little thing with quite the personality. She’s as stubborn as any other cat I’ve met but also very, very cuddly and utterly destructive.

So yeah. We’ve had a few run-ins, me and the cat. But she sleeps in my bed at night, so I suppose it’s ok.

Christmas Tree

I don’t think this is the tree from this year and I don’t know why I have an old picture of our Christmas tree in my folder on the laptop, but there we are. That’s roughly what that corner of the living room looked like. Until we demolished all the presents, mwahahahaha*cough*haha!! *ahem*

The view here is spectacular. I grew up in this very house and lived here until I was 20, so to me it’s perfectly normal. But everyone else oohs and aahs over it, so I figured I’d include a picture.

View from Fardal

“Ooh! Aah!”

So that’s been my holiday. Well, the highlights anyway. I haven’t taken many pictures so this is what you get. 🙂 There are a couple more on Instagram, but I’ve been unforgivably lax with the camera for the last long while so don’t expect too much..!

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